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Zebra Danio
The Fish Bowl.com is an internet database of a great many species of aquarium fish and plants. There is also a beginners section which tells you almost everything you need to know about setting up and maintaining an aquarium. This site is fairly new so there is only a freshwater and brackish water fish section at the moment but a marine and plant section are on their way. There is a forum for you to post any fish related questions as well. Feel free to browse through the fish database and keep coming back for new fish species updates. Please contact me below if you have any comments or critisism or if there is a particular fish that is not on the website that you would like to be added. Please try out the survey below that as it will take less than 2 minutes and it would really help with site improvement. If you're requesting a fish profile, I will try and create it within a week or so. Also, remember the site adress is www.thefishbowlwebsite.weebly.com. Please bookmark it so you can easily find your way back. If you want to browse the site by what the fish look like or if you don't know the fish you are looking for, please see our complete fish list in the navigation section. Here is a link for the freshwater one. http://thefishbowlwebsite.weebly.com/complete-fish-list---freshwater-fish.html . And, if you hover over an image, it's name will appear so you can easily identify a fish that you like. Click on a category below to begin.

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